Hello there! My name is Neha Gupta, and I am a 17 year old IB high school student at Westdale Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

I am a vigorous student who enjoys academics, both in and outside of school. I am also an avid science fair participant, exploring STEM topic’s related to biology and health sciences. Since 2017, my participation in the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair has led me to compete in national (Canada-Wide Science Fair) and international level fairs (International Science and Engineering Fair). I also seek to encourage young girls to participate in science fairs and STEM fields, as science is not a subject restricted to one population of people.

In my spare time, I am a competitive athlete in swimming and track and love to get involved in my community when I can. I originally created this website to write about and share my interests, mainly advocating for human-rights related change in our society. However, this blog has also acted as my way of expressing my thoughts and ideas. As a strong believer in Human Rights as fundamental building blocks of society, I believe that students should be aware of the power their voices and opinions have. Because if we all spoke out for issues that matter, we would all be apart of a positive movement in our world. 

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