What matters to me right now…. Not getting in troubleNot being lateNot missing the markNot getting […]
There’s the moment when it hitsA soft pang with an echoThe recognition for them sets inNow […]
It’s fast approachingThe countdown is ending.Unwanted, beguilingShe’s far from unnoticing True.They didn’t seem to know she’d […]
Song lyrics, viral videos on repeatEvery word pronounced and the laughter loudWithout her, I’d keep in […]
It’s early in the morningAmidst the puffy eyes and empty seats,Him and his many full plastic […]
Wait for me. My very bones acheThe soreness I’ve tried to shakeHas been keeping me awake […]
It’s 2AM. You know the nameThe number, it’s fameYou need this now, there’s nothing to tame […]
You know it’s comingYet you stop yourself from runningWould you feel like this if it really […]
The crowd dispersesBut no one notices.You’re still seated, now you’re motionless It happened so fast…Now, how’d […]
You look…Different. My worst habit is scrolling,Falling into autopilotAs if a scene is rollingAnd I’m in […]