According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, time travel into the future is possible. This is made possible by the concept of Time Dilation, which means that time according to a clock will seem to pass slower as the clock approaches the speed of light. This concept has been extrapolated to the biological clock, meaning a person inside a vessel travelling at the speed of light will be have slower time exhibited upon them while the vessel travels at the “base” speed of light.

We run into issues trying to time travel backwards, however. Time Dilation doesn’t support “backwards time”, nor do concepts like wormholes. But in other respects, I believe that mankind has already achieved travelling back in time. For one, old beliefs and movements are sweeping through society again and gaining traction in a time that is supposed to champion progress.

One particular issue at the forefront of this backwards stumble is LGBT+ rights. The European nation of Hungary came under global scrutiny on June 15th, 2021 when Parliament passed a law barring LGBT+ content for minors. Although some supporters of the law claim it targets fighting pedophilia, human rights groups and LGBT+ activists say – with strong reason – this law is discriminatory. This law is being directly compared to the Russian law passed in 2013 banning gay “propaganda”. It also resembles Serbia’s ban on anyone with a “history of homosexual relations during the last five years” from donating “reproductive cells” for in-vitro fertilization and other paths to parenthood.

This law matches Hungary’s view on LGBT+ relationships. The country doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage, and also has a ban on gender changes.

Hungary: Intensified Attack on LGBT People | Human Rights Watch
This law is one of many past moves by Hungary to stifle LGBT+ rights. Image by Human Rights Watch.

After openly criticizing Hungary’s move, the European Union has began pressing legal charges against the nation. The driving force of the EU’s claim is that Hungary breached the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights passed back in 2000, prohibiting the targeting of or discrimination against minority groups, including the LGBT+ community.

The world’s nations are supposed to fight for their people, supposed to ensure their safety. Instead, many are choosing to flee nations like Hungary. They feel alienated, frustrated and ashamed of their nationality.

Recently, human rights of citizens of many nations have seen a downward trajectory. Perhaps risen by COVID-19 related frustration, rising internet usage and thereby increased exposure to false media or maybe just a product of time. I ask you, though: how hard is it to accept someone different than yourself? I see no definition of normal in this world, but instead an ever evolving group of citizens. Power is a social construct that was meant to maintain positive order, not obsessive control. Dominance never existed until it was used, tested and enforced. Community was meant to unite, never exclude or divide. Hence, it is strange how in testing times, the burden of reality falls on youth who see no power and no dominance but strong community.

I like to see society in the lens of science, because it shows us that we are identical; all blood, tissue, muscle and bone.


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  1. You are exceptional individual Neha! Keep expressing through words – “Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble.”

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