We are all working towards something greater than ourselves. Today, this statement is more applicable than ever. As individuals, we can only work towards our personal goals. But as a group of people, we can accomplish much more.  Many of us see what is better for our families, our country and our world in our short-termed actions. However in a time when prosperity directly correlates to wealth, many people have lost a sense of what it means to be truly content with what you have. 

Humans are animals, and animals need one another in the same way in which humans need one another. It is human nature to depend on or regularly communicate with other people, to bring upon a sense of unity and belonging. These relationships can be found in our everyday lives, and they are not the straightforward bridges we think they are. 

All people are connected, and many of us are oblivious to the fact that we depend on people we don’t even know. Within our society, a place where all types of people live together for the greater good, we are all building blocks piled together. We are the reason this society it exists, maintaining its homeostasis and its balance. Without one block from this figure our society is weakened and with enough blocks lost, it crumbles. We are living in a time of an unstable society as we have allowed ourselves to be dictated by our differences, from appearance to political opinion. In a time of crisis where everyone needs to remain together, we are fragmenting the basis of social life everywhere. 

Over 11.7 million people from 185 countries and regions globally have participated in the #MeToo Movement, Climate Strikes and Women’s Rights Movements this year. Image by newrepublic.com

In the two months this school year, I have strived to attend events in my community which will bring benefit towards the greater good. Organizing a Terry Fox Walk at my school, participating in the St. Joe’s Celebrate Research Event and giving a TEDx talk at TEDxTheWoodlandsSchool to promote engagement in science have been my ways of contributing towards something bigger than myself. My ordeals have been small, but small actions are the ones which can create a snowball effect; motivating others to get involved in their community.

Once one person’s necessity became a populations cause. Movements sparked by one bring  together thousands of passionate people who take the streets to promote awareness. Movements like #MeToo, Climate Change (which was recently named the Collins Dictionary Word[s] of the Year) and the Women’s Rights protests were all once started by an idea but came to life by the efforts and passion of millions. The silence of sexual assault victims for hundreds of years finally must come to an end, and the #MeToo movement has given them a voice to call their own. This earth that we will be leaving behind is not one which will cause tremendous damage in the lives of those who are left with our mess, and we are doing our part to stop this. Women all over the world have called for equal pay, freedom of speech and abortion laws this past year which have united people all over the world towards a better future.

As a young person, I have grown up globally aware of both the privilege and injustice in our world. Like many others, I am seeing the need for action to be taken and for our population to come together for a cause. So get involved in your community where you see need, walk with people who are committed to making a change and help contribute towards something greater than ourselves.


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