You know it’s coming
Yet you stop yourself from running
Would you feel like this if it really is nothing?

Settle down, inches from unravelling.
Your comfort is baffling
You don’t know it, but the enemy is laughing

It’s taking it’s time.

Like clockwork, then the logarithm.
Legs, face, eyes, heart beat, breathing rhythm
Active to overwhelming, humming a hymn

Ticking time bomb.
Stealing my calm
Shame written all over my clammy palm

Then, the floodgates open,
Your mind has awoken!
But most of the eggshells are broken.

Clarity bursts in, breathless
Arisen from the mess.
Eyes flicking to the top right, nonetheless.

The sound of the delicate dance
There must still be a chance.
This could be gone in a glance.

You’ve been been here before
The ringing growing as you implore
Let me not lay bare at the locked door.

The gears stop turning.

Firm like the dictators hand
Out with the privilege; you’ll have to stand.
This wasn’t what you’d planned.

When will you understand?


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