It’s 2AM.

You know the name
The number, it’s fame
You need this now, there’s nothing to tame

Panic and thrill, you enter your plight
Pausing, you hover over the light
Who’d have thought it’d take this much might?

Because it’s so simple, right…?

Your fingers fly through the boxes on que
A bout of relief now coursing through.
You’re about to be made a new.

What’s there to think through?
I need help, so maybe it’s you
Give me a key, a map, even a clue.

I’m seeing a stranger daily
Holding my energy
I just want to be free.

Help me

I keep waiting for a magical sign
Like those fictional characters reciting their next line
But that’s their fictional world, not mine.


Moments turn to minutes
This is rather anticlimactic
I’ve gotten so close, I know no more limits

A bubble appears; someone is here!
Eager for the end, it’s them I revere
The entrance is near.

The palms of my hand are holding my hope
I don’t just want to be dragged by a rope
Only to slide to the foot of this slope.

I will elope.


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