The crowd disperses
But no one notices.
You’re still seated, now you’re motionless

It happened so fast…
Now, how’d you place last?
The rest enter the future, you fight off the past

Slammed by the tackle
Heartbreak in battle
As if you donned the shackle.

Loneliness is timeless
It’s grasp knows no limits
Curl into a ball, oh let this storm finish

“Like a lump in your throat
Like a hole in your boat
If I’d had no restraint, I’d shake” I wrote

Back out comes that dusty diary
Screaming your youth; pink, sequin-y, sparkly
There’s still a little girl inside of me.

One world, a room full of chatter
The other, transposed, you seem to not matter
Who on Earth would choose

Hide behind the pole
Everything around you, stone cold
Try to free yourself, so you do as your told.

You’re friends with your feelings,
this feeling,
You’re reeling.
Calm, deep breaths start the healing.



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