You look…

My worst habit is scrolling,
Falling into autopilot
As if a scene is rolling
And I’m in the backseat, quiet

For weeks, I’ve searched,
Scoured ’til I felt measly. 
And here, where I least expected
You show up 

I could stare for hours
At the art of you.
Like a patch of flowers
in barren land, rose-tint anew

Your frame permanent, surging
Like ink through wet paper
Pervasive, evasive, my worlds merging
Your impression leaves a crater

The silhouette,
brands my brain
It’s what I get.
How’d I let you grow so vain?

This time I don’t have months
to figure this out.
So sit with me 
So that you know
So that you care
A little more.

Let’s unlearn to lean
And love letting go
The change I’ve justified by saying
There’s too much I now know

The storm is on schedule.

Your words were the drapes
my eyes never knew they had

A theatrical rise,
The paradoxical fall

The dust settles and I search for a hint
Eyes reduced to a squint

I wonder,
What I’m looking for?

There it is.

Your frame rescinding,
The wind is whistling
The fog parts on que
It’s no longer me and you.



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