There’s the moment when it hits
A soft pang with an echo
The recognition for them sets in
Now time to turn and go

We’re feeling vulnerable; we both see it and we know

We’ll shift about, as if anticipating
An outburst. Will it be you or me?
We’re scared we both remember
Don’t worry, both itching to say. “I’ll let you be.”

“But I care.” “I hope you can see.”

The clock is a little rustier
But the time ticks the same
It feels like playing hide-and-seek
I hope it’s just a game

‘Cause remembering each other is too lame.

We’re so different, and now there’s more
Time took us down our separate roads
Glimpses of vestigial things
We’ve grown up; no need for woes

I wish we knew each other. I hope it shows.



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