The sheer power and strong connotation around a single word is absolutely amazing.

Mistakes are essentially our inevitable fate, and of all things guaranteed in life, mistakes are a part of this exclusive group. Big or small, mistakes themselves and their effect is likely the same, yet so different. An example, having confused two similar words compared to years of dishonesty to a partner for years. Both situations can be termed as mistakes, yet are so fundamentally different. But what we oftentimes don’t understand or choose to neglect is that making mistakes could lead to an overall more healthier, successful and stress-free lifestyle. And it all starts with you.

Our lives, being as we are genetically and fundamentally different, are naturally unique. Our lifestyles have shaped us into the people we are. The people we surround ourselves with can either promote or undermine what is termed as personal growth. This is quite the cliché term, but effective given that developing as a person and solidifying your personality can be culminated in this word. We are so often known to be the sum of the 5 people we keep closest to us, demonstrating on another note, that character is never quite set in stone and can be influenced. So many aspects contribute to shaping who we are at the end of the day. However, “it is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities”, as so rightly said by Albus Dumbledore from the Harry Potter universe.

Although our personality might seemingly dictate our choices and actions, this is not the case at all. We have the conscious power to act the way we do and although character plays a role in this, it is not the deciding factor. In this way, we are much stronger than we even perceive ourselves to be, as we essentially can go against ourselves. But when discussing human personality, we can also recognize human nature, often seen as the invisible string tying separate beings together. These certain similarities that can be identified in people you meet all amount to our human nature, an uncontrollable variable in our lives. Then enter, the perfectionist nature.

We all strive for perfection in some ways or another. You may not be all consumed by this nature, but we are all perfectionists one way or another and whether you like it or not. And it is this nature in all human beings that leads so many towards an aversion to mistakes, or anything seemed as less than perfect. This is also the reason why it an seem so hard for us to admit when we are wrong, since this would mean we have made a mistake and we wish to be oblivious to our faults. But to see only the perfection in ones life can shield your view of the all-too-important reality and prevent personal growth, the all-too cliché term.

Reality, although harsh, is nowhere near perfect. This came right to my mind when, just last week, my sister and I started recording podcasts. At hearing about speaking for longer than five minutes while being recorded, it is easy for people (including me, initially) to get nervous. However, just a momentary lapse in time allowed me to see that this fear of making mistakes is nothing but hesitation due to our human nature. And even human nature can sometimes be fought. So in reality, mistakes are nothing but our fear of not being perfect.

The value of making mistakes may be hidden at times, but it always shows itself in the end. We are able to better associate and stimulate growth by making mistakes, and become more determined to succeed after seemingly failing. And as in all journeys, where is life without hinderances and mistakes?

Basically, we all make and will make mistakes. So why not, instead of fearing them, look to understand them?



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