From a young age, I have always been one to believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. In the subjects I am passionate about, I have always sought to shoot for the moon. Never have I been the one to tell myself that I cannot accomplish one of my goals lofty as they may seem. But I have recently come to such a conclusion, something we all have to do someday.

Like the others members of my community, I wanted to make a change. Along with my older sister, we sought a vision of our end product and it was this vision that motivated us to keep working. But we, our work and our vision was cut short. And I want to tell you why.

There is a saying, that claims that a single person shouting into a crowd of 999 others will never be heard. It is said that their singular voice is not loud and influential enough to be heard. And even if it can capture the attention of those around them, the influence it has is likely not enough for others to respect their words. But I (and I am sure many others) are opposed to this fact. After all, change starts from one person having a vision, a goal or a dream for what they want to see different. Arguably, change starts with them. And we need these people in our communities to establish a tone of urgency needed to achieve change.

It wasn’t until very recent when I found out I had interpreted this saying wrong. To be the singular person in a crowd of one thousand takes courage, deep belief and a disregard for failure. You can shout with or without amplification and make yourself heard in this crowd, but this will bring (but never guarantee) the growth of awareness. Although awareness is the first step to making change, it can never guarantee what you call for. To be the person shouting in the crowd makes you the one to see and envision change, but doesn’t give you the power to make this change occur. For this, you need support through people, community organizations and (more often than not) the power to influence others.

We are in the middle of a global pandemic, a humanitarian crisis is occurring in several countries across the globe and we are still having battles with one another. History is moving slow, but we can as individuals ensure a motif of unity in our respective areas. And this is because, I realized, change is a collective effort that must be finished together. Oftentimes, this can mean without the initial visionary or vision itself. But is this the sacrifice needed to be made, letting change be on the shoulders of a community rather than an individual person?

In this time of needed change, what is it we should ask ourselves before setting out to make our voice heard? Do we need others to believe in our cause to make our beliefs valid? One thing I have learned, is that if you seek other’s approval of what you fight for, it is in your eyes not worth fighting for unless others will support you. If you believe in a cause, fight for your opinion to be seen and the public eye will do the rest. While it is debatable that others are needed, it is easier for you to focus on what you can control than what you can’t. And besides, a cause seen as worth fighting for doesn’t have room for “can’t” expressions. Change can be made from the simplest of actions, and it can start with you.


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